Few people know that when you pay utilities operates a service installment payment. However, it is permitted under certain conditions and not all categories of debtors.
After reviewing all the information on preferential categories of citizens and capabilities of your passport, contact your management company, which should provide this payment option.

How to use the installment payment of utility bills

To be able to pay utility bills in installments, you need to be, first and foremost, a conscientious payer. Because this right is granted only to those who are not abused, and has no debts for communal. So, statistically, expect to installments may not all.
To find the relevant section in their receipts don't even try, because management companies try not to advertise this option and do not specify information about this on the information sheet.

In addition, the installment plan is available only if the amount accrued for the previous month, 25% more than the fee that you were charged in the same period a year ago.

The granting of installment for payment of housing and communal services on the basis of the payment for municipal services in equal installments over 12 months, including the month from which it is provided. However, it is worth considering that in this form of payment with consumer removed also of interest. Their size does not exceed the size of the refinancing rate, multiplied by 3%.
Interest is not charged only in case if the contractor receives reimbursement funds by the city or other regional budgets.

According to the rules, a consumer can waive his right to pay further installments of pre-paying the remaining debt. In addition, it is worth considering that if the consumer already has any exemption for the payment of utility bills, if in instalments, the size will be reduced by the amount of the benefit that the consumer receives.

In less than such payment system

The main problem related to receiving payments in installments, is that the necessary additional staff of accountants who will deal with such payments. After all, you need to print bills each month, and, respectively, and to do recalculations.

Also the installment is disadvantageous to service suppliers because they bear the entire burden for the payment. And payment by the consumer of additional interest them much joy and does not bring negates all the initiative of legislators to overpay because nobody wants, even if the interest will be minimal.