Employees and sales in recent years have become more demanding to the debtor. Today for the delay in payment of electricity consumed to the amount that is 3 times higher than the subsistence minimum (in each region of the Russian Federation it is calculated on the basis of local conditions, block power supply to the premises.

But often the workers of the electricity supplier do not know its defined statutory powers and shut off the light for much less the debt payment. In addition, the legislator has established a procedure prior to the power outage at the facility. But in practice it is often not respected. This is the basis for the debtor to write a complaint and take it to the utility organization.

What to do if there was a blackout?

Before taking a decision on the termination of electricity supply, employee and sales per month is obliged to notify the debtor of impending sanctions. The warning must be presented in printed form, executed on a prescribed form, contain information about the date of its issuance, outstanding amount and be signed by the employee and sales. All these requirements are spelled out in the "Agreement on the conditions of supply of electricity", which automatically lies with the consumer at the beginning of the use of the service.

If the debtor is sure that actions of employees of the electricity supplier unlawful, he may seek protection of their rights in the Prosecutor's office or the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), which will test the procedure of blackouts in this particular case, compliance with the law.

How to connect a light after a power outage for nonpayment?

First you will need to repay the debt. If at the moment this is not possible, you should write in Energosbyt application for installment payment of arrears. It is granted for a period of 6 months and refuse it not eligible. With a certificate stating that the financial aspect of the issue has been solved (given the same) will need to see the power supplying organization in which you will need to pay the electricity connection. In most regions of the Russian Federation, this amount does not exceed 1 thousand RUB.

After all the above steps to connect the lights will be done remains to wait for the electricians that will do the job. If the situation with power outages and difficult to solve it independently is not possible, it is recommended to obtain legal advice about how to solve the problem.