You will need
  • - documents for the calculation of the subsidy;
  • - the court's decision to discharge those who do not live in the apartment;
  • services for the installation of counters on water and gas and independent heating
If the cost of utility payments take up more share in the family budget defined by the laws of the region, you may qualify for a subsidy. For this you need to contact the center for housing subsidies and to present a package of documents, including the crucial proof of income of all registered in the apartment or house members of the residents.
The amount of the utility payment depends on the number registered in the apartment. For example, water and gas supply, if not counters, is considered according to the norm of monthly consumption per person, multiplied by the number of prescribed.
By law the owner has the right to go to court and put the question on the discharge of any of those who registered in the apartment, but is not its owner. But the verdict in his favor in this case there is no guarantee.
Guaranteed to reduce expenses, especially if housing prescribed a lot of people, will allow the installation of meters for hot and cold water and gas. The standard, which is billed in the absence of meters, are often designed with a large margin.For the installation of meters will need to contact the management company or directly to the providers. The counters themselves and their installation is costly, but these costs usually pay off quickly.
A significant proportion of the cost of utilities during the cold months the heating. To reduce these costs will allow the rejection and Central heating installation. In this case, you can adjust the temperature in the apartment or house and only pay for gas (if counter - factual consumption) or electricity. But whether this is possible depends on the position of the administration of a particular municipality (city, district, settlement in rural areas) and technical features of the housing. It should also be noted that the installation of Autonomous heating will cost at least several tens of thousands of rubles.