You will need
  • - the statement in ZHEU;
  • - passport;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - documents on the second housing.
The basis for the calculation of utility bills is the registration of ownership rights on the property. Payment shall be made monthly according to the receipt, which is calculated and sent from a single clearing center. If you do not live in the apartment, see the statement in ZHEU. Please submit documentary evidence of residence at a different address. To do this, imagine a passport, certificate of residence, documents about the property to another dwelling.
In the clearing centre will send a notification, based on which you make the allocation. Pay for heating you will be paid according to the General tariff, multiplied by the cubage of the residential area in which you live. If you have installed individual heating counter, pay for heating according to his testimony.
The same applies to the use of electrical energy, hot and cold water. When you installed the counters, the payment will be made under indications. In their absence you have the right to obtain a partial or full exemption from payment.
General house services you are required to pay in full. You are not exempt from the payment of the sum for the installation of the intercom, repair of communal property, cleaning the area around the house and in the wash entrance. The basis for calculating such payments is your certificate of ownership. The owner is obliged to fully pay for the upkeep of the apartment and everything somehow relates to her.