Advice 1: How not to pay for utilities, if you do not live

Accrual and payment for utility services is made in accordance with the instructions of article 153 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation. Failure to use the apartment for living does not exempt the owner from payment, but gives the right not to pay for some services and to recalculation.
How not to pay for utilities, if you do not live
You will need
  • - the statement in ZHEU;
  • - passport;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - documents on the second housing.
The basis for the calculation of utility bills is the registration of ownership rights on the property. Payment shall be made monthly according to the receipt, which is calculated and sent from a single clearing center. If you do not live in the apartment, see the statement in ZHEU. Please submit documentary evidence of residence at a different address. To do this, imagine a passport, certificate of residence, documents about the property to another dwelling.
In the clearing centre will send a notification, based on which you make the allocation. Pay for heating you will be paid according to the General tariff, multiplied by the cubage of the residential area in which you live. If you have installed individual heating counter, pay for heating according to his testimony.
The same applies to the use of electrical energy, hot and cold water. When you installed the counters, the payment will be made under indications. In their absence you have the right to obtain a partial or full exemption from payment.
General house services you are required to pay in full. You are not exempt from the payment of the sum for the installation of the intercom, repair of communal property, cleaning the area around the house and in the wash entrance. The basis for calculating such payments is your certificate of ownership. The owner is obliged to fully pay for the upkeep of the apartment and everything somehow relates to her.
If you disagree with someone, and you do not make allocation and send monthly receipts that you have not used, please see the statement of claim to the court. All disputes in payment of utility bills can be settled in a lawful manner. On the basis of a court order, you will spend the full allocation in the future will not make the extra charge.

Advice 2: How to pay utility bills

Monthly citizens are sent a receipt for payment of utilities. Typically, payment have to stand in long queues, wasting precious time. However, there are more convenient methods of payment ZHKU.
How to pay utility bills
The most common method of payment for housing and utility services through a Bank. Most citizens prefer this method of payment as it is quite clear and reliable. To a considerable inconvenience of such payment can be attributed the endless queues and charge a fee of up to 2% on certain types of payments.
More convenient way is paying utility bills through the terminal. Almost every store and the underpass are the machines installed, through which you can make the necessary payment without spending a lot of time. This requires a certain window to make payee code and desired amount. Very often the terminals charge a Commission of 5% for the use of this service. Also do not forget that the machine does not give the date, and the extra money will go to paying for future months. As a confirmation that payment for utility services was carried out, be sure to take the check.
Lately very popular is the payment of various services, including utilities, through the Internet. As a rule, many companies do the calculations, make contracts, and transfer money through electronic communication. Enough to register in the system of electronic payments and opened a personal account, to be able to pay utility bills through the computer, previously having enlisted at the expense of funds using prepaid cards. The undeniable advantage of this method of payment is the ability to make a payment at any time of the day without leaving the sofa.
To pay for communal services through postal services. The Commission is not charged here, but awkward moment is a long transfer money to the account. Mail of Russia is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service. And also has a fairly wide network of branches that allows you to accept payments even in the distant settlements of the country.

Advice 3: What happens if you don't pay utility bills

From year to year, utilities increased, while wages stand still. At the same time, even a short break in making payments for property owners fraught with very unpleasant consequences.
What happens if you don't pay utility bills
According to Russian law, to pay for utilities needed before the 10th of each month. If you violate these laws to the defaulters, there are different kinds of foreclosure.

Sanctions for non-payment

For a start, such levers of influence on those who are evading payment are penalties. First a penalty equal to 1/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the total amount of debt for one day of non-payment. If this is not effective, the court may require payment of the entire debt immediately plus court costs.

The next stage of sanctions – limiting, and disabling certain types of utilities. The only exception is the cold water supply and heating – they can not be cut down. On making this decision, the defaulter must come with written notice. 30 days after receipt of such warning, a sanction can be enforced. The resumption of service occurs within two days after the full repayment of the debt.

If and when disconnecting utility services, the debtor continues not to pay the debt, it can be evicted. However, this only applies to those who rent housing. Fortunately, while according to Russian law, property owners evict impossible.

We need, however, to say that the government is considering how to impose a sanction and homeowners. An acceptable criterion for this foreclosure is 5% of the debt of the cadastral evaluation of housing.

What to do?

Based on the above, under any circumstances, for housing it is better to pay. If you know in advance about possible difficulties with the family budget (for example, a reduction from the post), better some money on utility bills to be paid in advance. Also the management company can try to negotiate installments. This option is available for up to 12 months. In this case a fee shall be charged up to 3% plus the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank.

If for some reason in the apartment no one lives, the landlord has the right to the product of the recalculated rent. For this served the appropriate application and documents that confirm this fact. This may be the ticket with the dates when people left and when I came back, the help from various places, temporary registration elsewhere etc.

There are debtors who simply do not have time to stand in mile-long queues for payment of utilities. So you need to examine in more detail the possibility of payment via Internet.
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