It is very important that the temporary absence, which is possible to do conversion should continue straight for at least 5 nights. To recalculate the amount of payments for the services are calculated according to consumption standards (with the exception of cases having a dwelling individual meters) gas, water, Sewerage and electricity.
To return money for services that you have not used some time (during vacations, business trips, etc.), you need to write the application for recalculation of the rent. To make this statementm it is necessary to the one who manages your house or assists them (TSZH, ZHEK, etc.).
Take a sheet of A4. In the upper right corner, write who you send the statement (name of organization, name and surname of the head). Also, provide details of the applicant, that is your initials, surname and residential address.
Just below, centered, write "the Statement on recalculation of payment for utility service". And describe in details your requirements, please indicate what they are based. Also fill in the relevant application (e.g. copies of paid invoices for the period for which you and require recalculation). If you have any doubts and difficulties when writing an application, go to the housing office that you serve – it will help you to do everything without errors.
At the end of statements and other similar documents for you to sign and date his writing. By the way, submit a statement of recalculation it is necessary not later than one month from the date of returning (from a trip, vacation, etc.).
By law, the allocation shall be done within five working days. The receipt with recalculation , you will receive payment the following month. Reducing the cost of services is proportional to the number of days of your absence.