The stereotypes that are imposed on us media about the relationship, far from real live relationships. The fact that is in which you see the role model, is directed primarily to the fact that you bought some product, and not to teach you how to build relationships with the girls. And the image generated is elusive of any guy. Do not expect that buying a new perfume, or starting to earn a lot of money, you immediately become a coveted object for all the girls.
If you have a decent amount of money, but the communication is not interesting, then girls, on which you can rely is a lover of freebies. The rest of you will just ignore. Therefore, to be interested in the girl at the first acquaintance, start with develop the necessary skills. Then they will want to communicate with you.
Assess any human in appearance. While she doesn't know you, your appearance and behavior will play a big role. You must radiate a positive mood, your shoulders should be straightened on the face light smile. Keep to the right.
Any way to start a relationship through conversation. If you see a pretty girl, or you have a girl friend, approaching her to start a conversation not long hesitate. Otherwise she may think that you "brake". The faster you react and say the words, the less value it will have its meaning. Better to think in advance a few sentences to long to think. Also work out some answer to her words. Only do not turn your communication into questioning. Let it be casual with jokes and gags. If a girl will respond to your answers and ask their own, so the conversation ensued.
Try to find out during a conversation on a subject on which she was nice to talk to. If a girl is not very talkative, fill in the conversation exciting stories. As long as she had the opportunity to put in your own words. Rarely say compliments, but not too often and clearly, so she didn't think that you flatter. If she talks a lot, then react to her words, letting him know that you listen to it.
You can expect further communication with any girl, if she looks at you, adjusts her hair, smiles, asks questions, tilts his head. All of these nonverbals say that she likes to communicate with you.
In any case, if the girl still great on the love front she will get acquainted with you. If she showed interest and agreed to further communication, you have excellent prospects. Most importantly, don't just stand there, develop relationships.