It would seem that it may be easier to communicate when meeting a girl? But really, if the fairer sex to hear from you any unsolicited question, your first meeting can end in an instant. On the contrary, well-chosen questions can serve as a basis for long continue the dialogue. Of course, the first thing a guy should ask the girl's name. After you share the first few sentences, should follow the questions of spatial nature, the answers to which require detailed answers and dialogue. For example, you can ask the girl how much she loves romance, and loves if that is her concept of romantic outing, a romantic evening, and the like. On this subject we can find thousands of questions that will gradually emerge from her story. Just not worth it when you are first learning to ask about whether she wants to spend with you romantic night. After this question she can just turn around and leave, and it will be right, as the rules of decency and established traditions do not involve night meetings after the first day.
You can ask about what qualities attract woman to guys and how to be her potential groom. Only do not ask, does she have at the moment. If she decided to meet you, she probably has a boyfriend or not or soon will not be. It largely depends on what impression you will make.
You can then ask the girl about how she spends free time. Try to learn about her passions and Hobbies. If you are well versed in geography, ask her about if she loves to travel. And if you like, you will have a great opportunity to talk about different cities and countries, in which it would be nice to visit, maybe even together. In addition, ask your new friend about where she goes or works, and also about her plans for the future life. Such conversations are very easy to maintain, because once you get the answer to your question, you will be able to share with the fair and his plans for the future.
Asking questions you must sincerely and with due attention to listen to the answers, to Express their point of view and delve into what the girl says. After all, if you will only ask questions in order not to be silent, it is not interested in the answers, the girl quickly will notice it and will lose to you their interest.