Engage in planning a date yourself. Consider a plan of action where we want to go. Choose a place for a first date you need quiet and calm to be able to talk and get to know more about each other. But after the communication, it is possible to have a little fun, come up with something original to impress.
It is very important to behave on a first date with confidence. Even if the girl is really like, and you quail before it. Pull yourself together, do not rush and hurry to do anything. Take care of yourself, don't laugh too loud, relax and speak calmly and methodically.
Smile at the girl. This is important, it is hardly to itself will have a male mustache morose, or too serious face. Easy, sexy smile needs to be remembered the girl the most.
Remember to look for the girl, surround her with their attention. Gallantly offer a hand, open doors, offer your jacket if she was cold, and so on. Take care all.
Don't forget to give the girl compliments. Definitely they need to sound sincere, try to say something original, banal statements will not work.
Girls love guys who can make them laugh. So show a sense of humor. But avoid all kinds of platitudes and silly jokes. On a first date is not the place of unease, intercourse should be fun, relaxed and easy.
To make a positive impression on the girl, try to surprise, some original action, a surprise move in an interesting place with unforgettable scenery, present a small souvenir with an interesting meaning.
Avoid awkward pauses in communication. Try to constantly support and develop the conversation. Be attentive and sociable.
Another important light physical contact. Not on the first date immediately try to hug and kiss a girl. We are talking about light, invisible touch. As often as possible, as it does not specifically touch her arm, shoulder. Walking, offer to take you under the arm.
Before a date with a girl, you must be in a good mood. Lift your mood by watching a favorite movie, listen to relaxing music, tune in the desired fashion.