When meeting not only with the girl, but also with any person, a great role play your appearance. Remember that the first impression of the stranger folds in just few seconds. Therefore, cleanliness and neatness in dress will be important at the first stage of communication.
Many girls in the first place like successful young people (or those who know how to produce that impression on others). The so-called secret of success lies in the ability to dress stylishly, confident behavior (talking, gestures, even the way they walk), an open smile... As a rule, even if when meeting a girl for such a young man says the most banal phrase, it still has to itself.
From what phrases you should start your acquaintance? Specific sequence of actions here. Each person is different. Even the girls are unlikely to tell you that it would produce an impression on them. But, at the same time, women start communication with young people when they something interested. Fold formulaic phrases and be smart! Here is just one of many examples:

Hi. Why I haven't been called or wrote?

- Do I know?

- My name's... now we know!
Remember that girls love it when you say compliments, so work can even the simple phrase: "Girl, please give me a hand, and then from your beauty I'm afraid to go blind..." the Main thing thus - not to be trite and rude.
Be observant: if a girl is reading a book, listening to music known to you, in the end, is the side of your house – each of its actions can be ably to comment on, thereby to melt the ice in the heart of the beautiful stranger.
Pay attention to the mood of the girl. If she glows with happiness, smile back and say that it is similar to the sun. If you liked the stranger frowned, or she's got red eyes, gently offer to help her.
The easiest way to start a conversation with a girl – something to help her. If she suddenly broke a heel, she had hurt or sprained his leg, dragging a heavy bag, etc., come and sincerely offer her their services. Further conversation on the way to one side to start up by itself.