First, think about what you already know about this girl. If you've known her for years, the situation is simplified. Just think that she is interested in life and ask her opinion about it. Questions – the most ideal way to get a lot of information, including about what not to do and what to expect from you. Only do not immediately go to her with questions about his personal life.
It is possible to give any information for starters. And perhaps this information will be of interest to her, and she will continue the conversation.
If the head does nothing comes up, then perhaps something in the shape of a girl can tell her sphere of interest. For example, in her hands, any book, brush look out of the backpack or the dog in her arms.
The easiest option to start a conversation is just to touch the "eternal" themes. For example, what music, literature, sport she likes or does not like and why; what are your favorite and least favorite places in the city; where working or studying; Pets; philosophical questions. But remember that their questions need to build so that it was not like an interrogation, but a relaxed conversation.
If after a long conversation on any subject you feel well discussed (at this moment usually appears awkward pause) smoothly turn the conversation to another topic.
Men think because girls love ears, then you need to hang on more compliments, but it is not the most suitable topic of conversation with a girl. This makes girls feel uncomfortable. Make some interesting compliments in the middle of a conversation – that will be enough.
Remember that arguments and thoughts of men are subordinated to the logic and thoughts women emotions. What topic would you choose to have a conversation with a girl, the most important thing is the emotional part. Talking more about their experiences and feelings. This will help her to see the man attentive and sensual.