The main factor in a successful acquaintance with a girl is confidence. Correctly to get acquainted with a girl is not taught in school or College. Typically, the skills come with experience and the right words are chosen intuitively. However, experience and intuition can not boast of all men.

Familiarity with girlfriend can be divided into three stages: the inner spirit, direct contact with the object, the result of consolidation.

Inner spirit before I meet a girl

If a man is not confident, it is possible that his girlfriend is at least alerted and will scare away. You need to get started. All the fears of boys before are mainly three points – to the fear of rejection, not to find the right words to attract the attention of strangers.

Fear of failure is not necessary at all. After all, what is failure? This is evidence that the man had the wrong girl. Every lady draws in his mind the image of the perfect man, there is no guarantee that you like him. For this reason you should not get upset.
Look for one that at first glance, will see in you something familiar and close.

Fear to attract the attention of strangers talking about low self esteem. But if you think that the worst thing is that some strangers will see your act? They are going to tell everyone? Unlikely. Most likely, people will just shrug and in a minute you will forget your thoughts. It makes no sense to focus on extraneous consideration.

The fear that the right words are not there, disappears, when there is confidence. There's no list to discover the right words. Say what comes from the heart.
Sincerity had never disappointed.

Direct contact with the girl

The first movement towards women should not be harsh, it might scare her. Be flexible, graceful. Keep in mind that the chances of successful introduction increases to the maximum, if the girl will like your appearance. Dirty shoes, untidy clothes and terrible breath scare off a girl before you have time to say something. So before get yourself a full order.

If a visual barrier is completed perfectly, you should start talking. The first sentence needs to be unexpected, unconventional. For example: "all You men looking at?", "Your smile is so beautiful that I forgot where I was headed", "how can you resist not to meet you!". With this approach, the girl can't refuse you, she will have to say something. And it already half of victory!

The result of consolidation experience

That acquaintance grew into a pleasant conversation, you need to fix the result. To ask a girl's phone number is not necessary. Better to give her his card and say that you will be happy again to hear the voice of a girl. You need to talk a confident tone, not begging or pleading.

Show the girl that your intentions are quite serious, but the right choice you leave her as I respect her opinion. Such actions will evaluate any lady and no doubt will call the number indicated.