It is important to understand that no matter how no girl has responded to your attempt to start a conversation with her, you have nothing to lose! On the contrary, will experience, which is very useful in the future! And over time, you will cease to perceive the failures as failures!
So, tuning to win (well, who can resist such a man!) and, thinking about what you're going to start a conversation, firmly moving in her direction.
Approaching the girl, it is important to smile and look in the eyes is a highly successful beginning your conversation. After that, no matter what you tell her. Or ask how to get to the library or time - doesn't matter! Your smile will set the girl on the positive, and in any case, she will answer you the same.

Pay attention to what she was doing when you came up, what to wear, what her facial expression - this will prompt the desired topic of conversation. Dress is beautiful - so is going to the event, is a thoughtful - maybe tired, or thinks about something, sees signs - looking for something. Turn on the power of observation!
During a conversation need not shy lowered his eyes and frantically search for a new topic. Smile, be open - girls love sincerity!
If the conversation failed, and she was really very nice, move on to decisive action: invite to stroll, to dine. This will be enough to get to know her a little bit closer and to decide on further action.
See to start a conversation with a girl quite easy. As practice shows, the girl is usually happy to go on contact. Most importantly, just don't be afraid and believe in yourself!