Prior training

From the first telephone conversation depends largely on the impression you make on a girl. In the end, the statement that "women love with their ears appeared out of nowhere. Keep in mind that girls prefer a fairly long communication, although, of course, there are also concise ladies. However, the conversation should prepare seriously. If you do not master conversational genre, wittily able to improvise on any subject, it is better to come up with at least a framework for the future of communication. Naturally, the conversation is impossible to predict, but in your power to imagine its beginning, and to formulate a few major themes.

Your abonentki should not have the feeling that you call her out of boredom or for the sake of appearance, so try to clearly define for yourself what it is you want to accomplish with this conversation. As a rule, the purpose of these calls is asked out on a date, but in order to increase their chances of success, it is advisable to do some preparation. Before an important call to tune in the right mood, relax, make sure you do not hurt. The impression of a romantic tone can be very spoiled by extraneous sounds, so choose a convenient time and place.

How to make conversation

If this is your first conversation on the phone, you must first introduce yourself and remind the circumstances of your acquaintance. Then check if your interviewee to talk, because to keep a romantic conversation going on the run or at lectures is not easy. Making sure that everything is in order, can proceed directly to the main part of the conversation.

Of course, first and foremost, is to ask the girls mood, her chores and plans. Many psychologists claim that the ability to listen is no less important than the art of story telling. Of course, if a girl gives you the opportunity to speak to, you should try to find a topic that will be of interest to her, try to avoid sports and political themes, any negative news, do not focus on computer games and in General computer-related topics. It is better to discuss the latest TV shows, new movies or favorite books. If we are talking about common acquaintances, it is better to refrain from any harsh criticism because your opinion abonentki about these or other people may differ greatly from yours.

In fact, many women perceive any communication more with their emotional side than from the point of view of informativeness, so it is important for you in the first place, to convey emotions. Then, as you say, can be much more significant than what you say. And, of course, don't forget to ask questions, after all, a sincere interest in the other person – one of the best ways to reach out to him.