How to behave on a first date?

Incorrect behavior at the first meeting with a girl you can spoil a date. People insecure, will produce excitement by their actions: to blush, to hide his eyes, to falter. You should try to calm down, after all, nothing wrong with a first date there.

There are young people who are beginning to play to the audience. This is because man has to show his positive side. But such behavior would be unnatural. The girl sees only a mental image created by man. If you look at this scene from the side, it will look fake and feigned. Accordingly, the attitude of the guy will be ruined.

The inability to properly carry on a conversation, too, can ruin a first date. The man is silent, stand a pause or asking questions. In such a situation the girl will have to look for stuff to support it.

Not to turn a first date into something horrible, you should try to calm your excitement. The guy needs to smile when appropriate, to radiate positivity and to be able by words to win the girl. To do this successfully, you need to carefully listen to her, ask questions to clarify the details of the conversation. She will understand that talking to an interesting guy, and this is something.

To understand how a young man close to her, you need to repeat her gestures and actions. However, one should not go too far, otherwise she'll think he's trying to mimic her. The young man's voice should be quiet and calm. Loud talking will attract the attention of others. Laughter should not be too loud and annoying.

What words to say to a girl on a first date to have her to himself?

The first meeting allows two people to know each other better. Because they are unfamiliar, common themes they have, and the conversation reminds of the questionnaire. It looks corny, stiffly and formally. You should try to avoid patterns, to win over a girl.

One of the topics of conversation can be called the interests and Hobbies of young people. Almost every man has his hobby, so this topic will be interesting both.

After talking about Hobbies each other to talk about the unusual and funny stories from life. This will lift the mood of girl that is very appropriate on a first date.

Interest girls you can call, if she sees the versatility of the young man. So before you go on a first date, you need to get acquainted with the latest developments and news in the world. This will help not to get into an awkward situation if a girl asks a guy something like that.

If a young person has decided to appoint a first date in the city, it is necessary to obtain information not only about its interesting parts, but also to have data about the attractions of this place. In addition, you should study the route by which you plan to walk. This knowledge will be useful to fill the awkward breaks in the conversation.

And finally, at the right moment can make a girl a compliment. It will help to locate her and produce her a good impression. Only if a young person praises something in the girl, you need it to be told from the heart and not contrary to the real state of things.