The Orthodox tradition of the baptism

First, you need to choose godparents for a child. They need not necessarily be exactly two. If only one godfather, it must be of the same sex with my godson, that is, for the boy needed a godfather, and for girls, respectively, mother. Often choose godparents family friends, but we should not forget that you need to find for his child assistant and a spiritual mentor, and for life. And therefore, choose a reliable and decent people, whose contribution to the education of your son or daughter will be positive.

A stepmother or stepfather can't be godparents, because the physical relationship between godparents and parents is a sin, which in the future will fall on the child. In addition, it is impossible to choose godparents as a married couple, and people between which it is possible/there is a love relationship. It will affect the fate of the child is not the best way.

Relatives, in turn, is allowed to become godparents. However, they will help in the flow of life, and therefore it is desirable to find people who are with you in relationship. So you will give the child greater protection and care.

Before the baptism the family and godparents of the child are held in the Church rite of communion. The godfather presents a cross and the mother a towel and a piece of cloth that wrapped the child after baptism.

The baptism of a child: folk omens

If the baptism is already scheduled, you cannot cancel it. It is considered to be the people a bad omen. To baptize a child should be in new white clothes. After the passage rite it do not erase. If a child gets sick, it can be dressed in the baptismal clothes, so he recovered faster.

You can not buy the baby a gold cross. In the cross do not choose the pregnant woman, otherwise her baby may be born painful. If the child during the baptism of the screams - it is believed that out of it the evil spirits.

The baby's face no need to wipe with a towel. The baptismal water itself needs it to dry. The godparents during the celebration have to try all the dishes are on the table. It's the rich life and abundance godson. If dishes are too much, they need to try each dish at least one tablespoon.

The man must be baptized in the beginning the girl and the woman boy, otherwise they will have setbacks in his personal life. If, before the baptism of your child in this same Church the wedding took place, it is considered good luck. Do not argue with a priest about the name of the child. Agree to any that he chooses for baptism.

In this rite the name can't tell anyone. This will help prevent damage. On the baptismal clothes of the child should not have anything red. Godfather you can't sit in the Church. Before baptism the baby can't go anywhere. It is believed that you cannot refuse if you are asked to be a godparent.

With the baptism ceremony involves many different traditions. Some of them depend on the region in which you live. In addition, the rite of baptism is not always carried out in the same way. But no matter how he was held is still light and one of the most important days for a child and his parents.