What are the qualities of a godfather

It should be noted that there is a practice of choosing two godparents - mothers and fathers. However, in the absence of candidates permitted one godfather. For girls - mom and boy daddy. But here, if necessary, you can choose godparent a person of either sex. The main quality that should have a spiritual parent, is the last apartment to the Church. That is, man must be not just a "believer", but to have an idea about the Orthodox faith. It is no coincidence, because the main responsibility of the cross can be called the education of the child to the Orthodox faith. It was on my godparents are responsible before God for the child. In this regard, we need to specify that the procession should be close to the family baptized. This is necessary in order to have access to communication with the child. And the more often it will happen, the better for both.

In addition to knowledge of Orthodox faith and close family need to note is the apartment to the Church. Many people know about Orthodoxy, but I have no idea about the meaning of Orthodox life. The godfather is desirable to choose the person who attends the worship service himself often, confession and communion. In the future, the godfather is responsible to bring a child into the Church for communion.

Godparents make a vow of renunciation of the devil at baptism and promise to match Christ. People should be responsible and understand the importance of the sacraments. You cannot be a godparent only to hold the child in her arms. It is a feat of teaching that will carry your entire life adult.

So, the main qualities that should have a godfather, are faith, knowledge of Orthodox culture, the apartment to the Church, responsibility and closeness to the family of the baptized.

Who can not be a godfather (godmother)

If the child has two godparents, they may not be in the bonds of marriage. Even just two friends godfather in the future, the Church banned the sexual relationship between themselves, because during the sacrament of baptism there is a spiritual kinship between them. Accordingly, they cannot be godparents husband and wife.

Godparents should not be parents themselves. If the child has no godparents (such cases happen), then the priest figuratively becomes godfather to the baby. Adoptive parents also do not have the right to be the godfather.

God cannot be a people of faith, as well as representatives of non-Orthodox Christian denominations. So, can not be a godparent at an Orthodox child Catholic or Protestant.

You can't be a godfather to the representative of sectarianism (this is understandable, many cultists will not do it, because not baptized children).

Of course, it is not recommended to be a godparent and one who calls himself a Christian, but has a negative attitude toward the Church, calling himself a believer in the soul. You must remember that this Church is not mother, God is not the Father.

The godfather (the godfather) can not be an atheist, and even loyal to the Church because he will not be able to teach the child the Orthodox faith.

In Church practice there are cases when godparents are children under the age of majority. It is not recommended. That is, the boy is 13 - 16 years (or girl) you are not formed as a person, and may not have clear ideas about the faith. But there may be exceptions, if a young boy or girl consciously come to the baptism and their responsibilities.