Brief information about baptism

The sacrament of baptism can take place at different ages. It depends on the wishes of the parents, if they decide to baptize a child or adult self. Ideally, people should choose the faith himself, however, according to Christian tradition, the parents should baptize the baby's already on the 40 day of his life because it was Jesus Christ.

In the old days this rule was carried out strictly. In addition, the child was given the name of the priest in the Church in the Ordinance of baptism. Today everything has changed a bit, now every family has the right to decide whether to baptize or not to baptize children. Moreover, it is not strictly for 40 days, and when convenient to parents.

What need for the baptism of a child

For the rite of baptism doesn't take much. Need a couple of godparents – a man and a woman, baptismal towel (kerygma), a cross.

You should also take care of clothes for the baby. You can buy or suit, or baptismal shirt for a baby.

Clothing for child baptism

According to Orthodox tradition, the pectoral cross for a child should buy godfather. But a towel and baptismal shirt for a boy usually chooses godmother.

What should be clothes for the baptism of a child? It can be normal or cute costume of any color (preferably white or a light shade), or special shirt. These can be purchased in the Church shop or even a regular baby store.

How does the baptismal shirt for boy

Baptismal shirt for a boy is no different from the same shirt for girls. If these clothes are not white, it can be with a delicate blue tint. Different shirt, loose fit. It can be long, to the floor, and a little shorter but not above knee level.

Clothes for baptism boy can be decorated with the ornament of Golden or silver color, also can be embroidered Orthodox cross. As for the material of this outfit is, it needs to be natural, soft, nice for baby's body.

You can also create baptismal shirt with his hands, for this you will need to choose the patterns, sew and decorate the clothes themselves. In this case it will be not only the most comfortable and soft, but decorated just as you want the godmother or mother of the child.

The use of the baptismal shirt for a boy

According to Orthodox tradition, the baptismal clothes you need to wear only once in life, to be baptized. After that, it should be easy to store in a dry place. Baptismal towel can be used when child baby is sick. The people believed that if the child wrap Chrismas, diseases and ailments of the retreat. And here is a shirt for the baptism of a child no longer need to get out of the hiding place.

However, this does not mean that the baptismal clothes worth saving. After all, the child is much nicer and more comfortable, when his body touch natural soft fabric and not synthetic.