Remember the following moments of the christening. Godparents mother and father must not be the spouse, or the couple who is in a relationship. The mother of the baby must not go to Church to 40 days from the date of birth of the child. The boy needs to baptize a man, a girl – woman. A child can be given two names: one at birth, second at baptism. It is believed that this will help to protect him from the ills of life.
On the cross with the baptism of a baby is a big responsibility for the spiritual development and education of his godson. So they can take some of the hassle of preparing for a holiday. Since time immemorial, godson decided to give his Holy icon size in the growth of the baby. In our days it is usually limited to just an icon, not paying attention to its size.
All expenses for baptism are entrusted to the godfather, he gives his godson the cross and chain. The godmother must buy baptismal shirt and a towel. You can give as earrings, rings, a silver spoon, which will be the first for the child when he will be able to eat independently, etc. Also presented children's Bible, other spiritual books.
After the Church ceremony the whole family along with godparents gathers at the holiday table. Lead is the woman who first bathed the baby, or help with bathing. Basically this is the role of the grandmother of the child.
The main dish at the christening is a special porridge, which is cooked in the pot. For her, the auction is conducted among the guests, but to win definitely the godfather. The money you give the mother of the child, and a pot of porridge gently break the edge of the table. Each guest must try this cereal, and the remains to collect and carry their children. Usually, the christening cook soup, porridges, pies.
The entertainment part of the program completely depends on the imagination of parents and their material possibilities. Some on the same day, solemnly put wood under the loud applause of the guests, other triple lavish fireworks, others with their hands, make a memorial book in which guests write wishes and farewell to the kid.