Every person who considers himself a Christian must receive the sacrament of Holy baptism. Without this Orthodox man cannot attain the Kingdom of heaven. The gospel tells us that only he who is born of water and of the spirit are able to perceive heaven. Christ gives clear instructions to the apostles regarding baptism.

For those wishing to be baptized need to understand that he joins the Church, becomes her child, renounces the devil and go to Christ. Essential baptism javljaetsja a person's belief in the Holy Trinity. So everyone should know what God believes the Christian Church. It is useful to have an idea about one of the main prayers of Christianity - the creed.

It is necessary to submit the doctrine of eternal life. That earthly existence is not the limit. It is desirable to understand the basic dogmatic truths. From them is the knowledge of Christ as God. Without faith it's not worth it to take the sacrament. It is useful to know that for the Christian, salvation is impossible without the Church. You must participate in Orthodox sacraments such as confession and communion.

Also, you should realize the responsibility before God. Now the man accepts the responsibility to strive for Holy and righteous living.

If the parents decided to baptize the child, then they themselves need to know the basic tenets of Christianity. We need to teach baby faith, basic prayers and respect for the Church, as well as to instill certain moral qualities.

Before baptism it is useful to read the literature that prepares one to this Holy sacrament. In the books due to creed, the basic tenets of the main commandments of the Christian faith.