According to Orthodox rules, to have a child baptized in the Church have on the fortieth day after birth. But few want to christen your kid exactly adhere to the rules. Mainly the decision about the time of the baptism is taken by the family on the basis of own ideas about convenience.

Why for baptism choose a specific day

Those wishing to baptize a child in the summer motivated the decision with that in warm weather, after bathing the child is not cold. Sometimes the date of the baptism trying to coincide with another event – for example, last years old. Someone wants to chose baptism to a weekend day, when most of the family will be present in the Church. There are parents who baptise a child in infancy just don't want to.
Parents can choose at what age to baptize your child. If you have difficulty in the solution is always simply to consult with the priest.

Clearly defined rules in this matter. With regard to the fortieth day after birth, this is totally optional – can be dubbed sooner or later, no matter how much the child is under. Just should not put off baptism, if we made a decision about this, unless absolutely necessary in the long term.

At baptism, before the time of the birth of a baby forty days, there is one caveat - mother is not always allowed to attend the baptism of their child. Some priests may insist that the woman never went to Church - after the delivery she had not yet purified.

At what age you can baptize the child

Child christen perhaps from birth – in special cases, for which there is a special prayer the baptism of the fear for death. This prayer over endangered a child can read on their own, sprinkled it with water – will suit any. Perfect thus the Ordinance would then have to Supplement in the Church.

It is possible and from the ninth day of life to make a full baptism – Church rules it is not forbidden, but the priests can be their own point of view, therefore, to rush at random into the first Church is not necessary.

It is believed that in days of Church holidays and in the post no child should be baptized. You can, but in the temple it is necessary to agree about it in advance. It should be borne in mind that during the holidays the congregation is very much, and the child will feel better with a small number of people and a relaxed atmosphere during the sacrament of baptism.
It is believed that before baptism the child has no Guardian angel, and it is vulnerable to any damage.

In any case, when would you not want to baptize the child, first we must choose a Church and talk with the priest. This can make parents and family, and those who will be godparents. After the conversation you will be given a leaflet which says that you need to take with you for a ceremony, how to prepare for godfather and godmother.