In the rite of baptism, it is customary to invite relatives and friends. Certainly the presence of the godfather and mother in the future, responsible for the spiritual upbringing of your child. Write and send them a special invitation on behalf of the future hero for the day. Specify the place and hours of the sacraments and celebratory dinner.
Decorate a room, which will host the feast in white and gold tones. The color white is associated with purity and renewal, yellow – sunlight, heat. Lay a white tablecloth, pick up matching table napkins and Cutlery. In a bright vase to put a bouquet of lilies - symbol of purity and Holiness.
Festive menu according to the tradition should include pastry and cereals. Therefore, the main meal on the table can be a variety of pies, pretzels, buns made from yeast and pastry.
Offer guests new and unexpected porridge, which, for example, knew your grandmother. And from now on this dish every year you will be feeding on the Day his angel child. If not a family secret, always comes to the rescue of the famous Guriev porridge with dried fruit, nuts and cream.
Definitely on the table should be a bird (chicken, Turkey). It is usually baked in a clay pot with cereals. Greens, fresh vegetables are associated with spring, the beginning of a new life. So to the meat, serve a variety of salads and herbs.
It is not customary on this day to abuse alcohol. From drinks offer mostly light table wine, a variety of juices, berry compotes. At the baptismal dinner, valid presence of older children. They have to please with dessert. Can each child make a small sweet gift to commemorate the christening.
Sam godson usually does not take part in the celebration in his honor. However, when he grows up, he will be interested to know about this event. Make pictures, collect them in a beautiful album handmade. Ask guests to write in it the good wishes of the young Christian. Save it together with the first cross and the baptismal dress in memory of the unforgettable day in his life.