Go to the Church in which you plan to baptize the baby, and discuss with the priest all the details of the baptism: when to hold, what to bring, how to dress. Better if you do it for one or two weeks before the holiday, to have time to prepare everything in advance.
Choose godparents for your baby. They can be relatives or friends with whom you have friends often see each other and communicate. After all, becoming godparents, they commit themselves to help the child to gain confidence, to become kind, fair and honest. Please note that the godparents of one child cannot be married couple, because in this case they are spiritual brother and sister, and marriage between relatives was forbidden. Godparents must go to Church to acquire the necessary attributes for baptism (the cross, the towel, the icon) and learn how to prepare for the sacrament.
At the ceremony in the Church, as a rule, invite only close relatives and godparents of the child. Maybe someone will want to photograph the highlights of the christening - this is also agree with the priest in advance. The rest who want to be close with the baby on this memorable day you can invite home for dinner.
Decorate the room in which to receive guests: the ceiling let the little white, pink or blue balloons (depending on the sex of your child), bedside tables place figures angels and cut them out, hang airy tulle not only on window but also on the entrance to the room, securing it in several parts in the form of an arch. A great addition would be white roses and candles.
Gala dinner you can prepare on their own, however, on fasting days it should be mostly meatless meals. According to ancient tradition also on the table, be sure to put a sweet porridge, and all the guests have to eat on the stomach, as if wanting the baby to not only grow healthy, but also to be strong in spirit. As a christening is a religious holiday, abstain from alcohol or limit yourself to light red wine. Pre-order your in pastry departments of the cake in the form of an angel or buy candy in the form of angels, which you can hand over at the entrance of each guest. You can also give each guest a small card with words of gratitude, on this auspicious day, they were close to your family.
If you want to play at the holiday table, pick up fun games and fun, which will allow guests to return to childhood and appreciate them. You can divide all attendees into two teams, captain of the first may be the godfather, as captain of the second godmother. Prepare humorous questions relating to the upbringing of the baby, or competitions for speed changing and coloring drawings. And maybe you'll sing karaoke to your favorite hits from my childhood. In addition, you can make a comic lottery: for a symbolic price to sell raffle tickets, and during the draw to give pacifiers, candy, little cars or dolls.
The most important thing – that the day of the christening in the house was not abuse and controversy to our hearts was joy and happiness.