You will need
  • - baptismal set.
  • - a towel
  • - the cross;
  • documents.
The first step is to choose a Church, which will host the ceremony. Visit this sacred place, ask the servants all about the ceremony, to specify the time of the ceremony. Preparation for baptism includes another important factor is the choice of godparents who will participate in the rite and take the responsibility before God for his godson. It should be the people that believe in God and attend Church. The key to a long and close relationship with the godson – the blood ties with parents.
To conduct the baptism we need to prepare a new white Onesie for the baby with beautiful embroidery (you can buy a special set of clothes for baptism). If the child is older, then you need to dress in a way that you can easily if you need to open the feet, chest and hands for the anointing. Godparents give your godchild a souvenir – a cross that should hang on his breast the rest of my life. Earlier, the tradition of Orthodoxy was conducive to the fact that the godmother was preparing for the baby outfit and the godfather gave the cross.
Godparents need to prepare for the ceremony, going to Church services to pray. The necessary communion and confession godparents. Godparents need to memorize the prayer "creed", during the celebrations will renounce Satan instead of a baby, give a vow of connection with Christ forever. In the future, the godfather need to pray for their charges, telling them about the Lord and the Church. To wear or drive Holy communion in the Church.
Before going to Church, prepare everything you need to not forget anything in a hurry: documents large towel (to wrap the baby after dipping into the font of Holy water) consecrated the cross for the christening. It is recommended that before the rite of baptism to swim at home, wear all clean. Parents and godparents must have a crucifix. Women should cover shoulders, chest and knees. You should wear a skirt, the head tie a scarf.
After the completion of the great mystery of home to invite guests. This is a great day at the table gather family and close friends, the hostess takes the sweet cake with the initials of a child or the date of the christening. Traditionally drank at the christening of punch or mulled wine, can be served with Cahors. Guests invited to the christening, you can present an icon, small icon or a silver spoon. Any gift should be presented with an open mind and heart.