For a start, you should ensure that this refrigerator provides perenoske doors. In this equipment on the opposite side must be installed plugs swivel loops. Before the work is to verify the availability of all necessary parts to dismantle refrigerator door.
First, you must unplug the refrigerator. Remove all shelves from the inside of the door. Remove handle and set it aside. Next, using a screwdriver or knife remove the plugs from the holder and Unscrew the door.
Then remove the turning loop. But before outweigh the refrigerator door, it is necessary to outweigh it hinges on the other side. There are times when they go a set further. If they were not, then the hinges are installed on the opposite side of the mirror. Then screw the door to a new place, starting from the top loops.
Installing the door to a new place, put the handle and plugs to their former places. Most importantly, do not forget to check the sensor of opening the door prior to installation. You may have to change his location. During the installation process, you should immediately adjust the position of the door.
To adjust you need to loosen the lower bolts and upper mounts. Next, let's see which of these parts is loose. In case the top, remove the pad and use the shoulder press and fasten the door until it stops. And tighten the screw. The same actions produce and with the lower part.
If threaded connections are a little loose, should outweigh the door on the opposite side. That will allow you to get rid of repair of this refrigerator. In the case where the design will not allow you to change the position of the door, you will have to use a steel plate. To do this you need to fix the plate on the damaged plane door. Then make holes for the axes of the bracket, install the door and adjust it.
Adjust refrigerator door is not a main task, as after all the work you should check the density of its attraction. For this you will need to insert a plain sheet of paper between the gasket and the refrigerator, I closed the door. The seal must firmly hold the sheet. If the sheet will slide by its own weight, this means that the crack was formed. It is quite possible that you will have to be changed for another and a rubber gasket.