If you bought a new refrigerator in the store, then most likely its delivery to the apartment will be engaged by the seller. Although in most cases you will have to pay for transportation or lifting the refrigeratorand on the floor, you will be spared from having to think about how to transport a refrigerator with the rules. In the case of the resulting damage claim will be presented to the seller.
However, if you need to transport a fridge by yourself, you should follow precautions to prevent breakage. In the official documentation you will read that in order to avoid costly repairs refrigeratorand can not be transported in a horizontal position as this may cause improper mounting of the compressor to the frame, breakage of pipes, leakage of oil from the compressor to the supercharger and it clogged. Thus, the easiest and most reliable way to move a fridge is to hire a high vehicle, such as a GAZelle, and place it in the refrigerator vertically or at an inclination angle of not more than 40?.
But not always this is possible. Therefore, if you decide to transport a refrigerator in a horizontal position, do not forget to follow few tips:
• Remove from refrigeratorand all additional items.
• Enclose under it a cardboard or cloth.
• Gently lay refrigerator on the back wall, so as not to damage the condenser or on the side. In the latter case, the loops should be at the top so that the door could not be opened arbitrarily.
• Offsets from possible refrigerator limit stops, spacers and secure with padded straps.
Remember that during transport, shaking and blows in a horizontal position in the refrigeratorand can cause dangerous injuries. Internal parts the refrigeratorand is not designed for physical activity during horizontal transport.