Advice 1: What to do if the refrigerator door is not closed

If the refrigerator is no longer tightly closed door, this malfunction must be removed. Proper operation of the refrigerating chamber in this case is almost impossible.
What to do if the refrigerator door is not closed
In the process of operation have well-trimmed refrigerators can be a problem with the closing of the door. The most common reasons for this trouble are:
- a damaged door seal;
the door sagged under its own weight;
for modern models, a door open alarm may not operate or fire without cause is a malfunction of the sensor the door opens.

Each of these repairs requires the adoption of certain measures. Failure the door can be caused by different reasons, but Troubleshooting is about the same. May require door removal, rearrangement, regulation or complete replacement; replacement magnetic lock or automatic door opener; replacement of rubber or other parts of the refrigerator door; eliminate condensation on the door – due to the fact that it can not be closed tightly.

The deformation of the door

Deformation or violation of the integrity of the door is the most common cause it a loose closing. At the same time on different parts of the door can lie down a little differently. For example, in the upper part of the door position has not changed, but the bottom has gaps. This state can affect both careless attitude to the opening of the refrigerator and the frequency with which door opens. To troubleshoot, in this case, you need regulation or paranavitana doors. In the most severe cases the door will need to change.

The sealer wear

Over time can wear down or deform the rubber gasket that will prevent the door to close tightly. You can check the tightness by using simple paper strips. The strip must be placed between the refrigerator door and gasket. If the sheet is tightly clamped, the tightness of the junction normal. Such a test to be on the perimeter of the door entirely. In violation of the integrity of the seal need to be replaced. This can be done individually or order the work to professionals. It should be borne in mind that self-replacement of the seal does not always guarantee future good performance of the refrigerator.

The lack of spacers

If refrigerator has a long life, he often wears spacer. Of course, you can continue to use the door by lifting it upward when opening and closing, but it is not very convenient. And children can be not under force. It is best to change spacer.

You can choose plastic or metal, but the choice you have to consider that metal, though stronger, but very soon begins to creak, and the door with it to wear out faster. If you could not find a suitable item, you may need to replace the door itself. Of course, this will cost a bit more, but still less than buying a new refrigerator.

Advice 2: What if creaks the door?

Creaky door – the phenomenon is extremely unpleasant. What to do if you suddenly found that your interior doors or entrance doors irritate the nervous system hideous creak? Here are some tips that will help to solve this problem.
What if creaks the door?
You will need
Lubricate the door with a special tool

So, if you have a squeaky door hinge than to lubricate? Engine oil is the most reliable and proven way to get rid of the creaking doors. You can use diesel oil or special oil that lubricates the parts of a sewing machine. Also suitable tools such as tsiatim, grease, Litol, and other greases. You can still do the following: buy a medium in which to handle any arrangements apart from the doors. They are sold as sprays – spray on problem areas and nasty squeaking will disappear.
Other effective ways

If I suddenly found that the door creaks, and no special equipment is not at hand, use vegetable oil. But the effect of such a lubricant can be very short-lived. Most likely, after a few days the door will again begin to creak. So you can use an alternative method, the lubricant may be graphite shavings from the conventional pencil. Spray WD is another good tool. It can be purchased at an auto parts store and use for lubrication of the doors and the restoration of other mechanisms.
Will find the source of the squeak

The sound of a creaking door can become a source of annoyance to any person, but before you begin to deal with the problem, you first need to figure out where the squeak is. Unpleasant sounds can publish any part of the loop – both external, and internal. And if you're splashing a variety of means all places in a row, not knowing where the root of the problem, it is likely that to get rid of the squeak the first time will not work.

Advice 3: The most frequent malfunction of the refrigerator

Refrigerators can break down for a variety of reasons, but some of the faults occur most frequently. The reason of breakages can be as banal negligence of the owners, and other factors. The more refrigerator parts, the more can be the reasons for the failure of the device itself.
The most frequent malfunction of the refrigerator
Not always the refrigerators break down due to defective parts. Often breakdowns occur because of careless handling of the appliances. Connect the refrigerator should only be in the correct socket, defrost in any case it is not necessary to scrub the freezer with a knife to quickly remove the ice. If you follow the rules, most of the units will serve their owners for many years.

What could be the fault

If the fridge is too warm, it might be a freon leak. The generators of cold is based on a complex system. Damage or depressurization of one of the tubes, of which the system consists, leads to disturbances in the operation of the device. If the tubes flows freon, will have to seek help from professionals.

Because of freon leaks in the refrigerator may be frost. But most of the reason for its appearance is loosely attached rubber gasket on the door. Due to a bad seal in the freezer to accumulate ice.

The temperature in the working space of the refrigerating chamber is non-standard, compressor refuses to turn on or off – such an unusual behavior of the refrigerator may indicate the need to replace the sensor in thermoregulation. Temperature controller – this is the sore spot of modern refrigerators. He fails most often. Experienced artists know that these elements, the service life is 5 years or 7, after which the heat-sensitive sensor can lose its tightness.

Possible causes of malfunction of the refrigerator

Faulty refrigerators can be associated with malfunctions in the operation of the components of electrical circuits, like the compressor or relay. If the refrigerator does not stop making noise or is constantly in a state of rest, cause of fault, except the controller, may be thermal or the starting relay or electronic control module.

Refrigerators often break down because of the voltage drop in the supply network. Sometimes even a protection system is unable to protect the elements from burnout to spoil any details, from the relay to the compressors.

Among the most common and difficult to fix breakdowns of refrigerators can add mechanical damage to insulating coatings on the inside. In such cases one cannot hope for lower cost of repair – most part of the device will need to disassemble to repair the leaks. When such a breakage would prefer to just buy a new refrigerator.

Advice 4: How to rearrange the refrigerator door

In most models of refrigerators the possibility of permutations of the doors. Sometimes, especially if the size of the kitchen is not large, it is sometimes very convenient. Paranavitana doors requires certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, for this work it is recommended to invite professionals from the service center. However, if you are fully confident in your abilities, you can try to rearrange the doors of the refrigerator by yourself.
How to rearrange the refrigerator door
Unplug the refrigerator from the electrical network. Remove all products. Remove shelves and drawers.
Tilt the fridge at an angle of 45 degrees and lock into position. This is necessary in order to gain access to the lower hinges.
Remove decorative panel. Unscrew the mounting bolts with a screwdriver and remove the bottom hinge and washer. Remove the lower door.
Open the top door of the refrigerator. Pull out the plastic insert and cover. Unscrew the bolt fixing the middle hinge using a screwdriver. Remove the hinge and washer.
Remove the upper door. Unscrew the right hinge bolt located in the lower section of the refrigerator. Locate the left hinge in a package with spare parts, included in delivery set. Install it on the left, using the previously removed mounting screw.
Remove the plastic plug covering the top left hinge.
Remove the right upper hinge by unscrewing the bolts and removing the cover and axle. Remove the left hinge from the kit parts. Tighten with the bolts removed from the right hinge. Secure the axle with seal on upper left hinge.
In order for the plastic cap that covers the mechanism back in place after rotating the door, it is necessary to remove its membrane.
Hang door refrigerator, working in reverse order. Make sure that you do not forget to install spacers between the hinge and the door.
Move the vertical handles on the other side, securing them with screws. If desired, glue a new sticker, taking them from a kit of parts.
Install the refrigerator in a vertical position. Adjust the door with the middle hinge. Install drawers and shelves. Put the products.
The algorithm of actions on relocating the refrigerator door may vary depending on the brand and model of equipment.

Advice 5: How to make refrigerator built-in

Built-in refrigerator is the perfect solution for a small space, besides, it will give your kitchen a finished and ergonomic. How to install such appliances?
How to make refrigerator built-in
Decide what kind of refrigerator you want to purchase. Leading firms-manufacturers of such brands as Bosch, Liebherr, Siemens, Electrolux, Ardo, Kaiser, Whirlpool, Zanussi and other produce as compact models, built-in under-counter and larger equipment, which occupies a lot of space. In any case, the refrigerator must fit comfortably within the headset and not to create inconvenience. In addition, the built-in models are more expensive than regular.
Accurately determine the size of the niche is designed for installation of cooling unit. If you make a mistake, then set it in the technique will fail, so be very careful.
Remember that the refrigeratorfor normal operation requires ventilation. If you install it under the countertop, then it must be the holes, but if you put the unit box, it should not be pushed to the wall. Leave free space.
Attach to the door of the refrigeratorand the facade is in harmony with the main tone of the headset. Usually it is attached directly to the door using double-sided tape. Unit, usually mounted with a slope back several degrees. This is to ensure that the door is necessarily closed, and the refrigerator is accidentally left open.
If you think to buy a special built-in model for you too expensive, try to incorporate into conventional headsets fridge. It will be difficult to find a suitable facade, and difficulties may arise because of inappropriate dimensions. In apartments with a small kitchen, a refrigerator placed in the hall, making a hole in the wall. The part of the unit that the result was in the room, cloaked in the box of the drywall sheets. Outside their need to hang Wallpaper to match the main room, and you get a neat niche in which to hide even a very large refrigeration unit.
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