You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - steel plate;
  • - screws;
  • - probe of non-magnetic material;
  • - a sheet of paper with a width of 30-50 mm, a thickness of 0.1 mm.
Do not fill the refrigerator door to the eyeballs, otherwise bias the door, you are guaranteed. Heavy banks with pickles and jams have no place on the shelves of the refrigerator door. Take a look at the lower and the upper horizontal surface of the door. If the holes for the bracket are not broken, adjust the refrigerator doors.
Not utjecaja the door of the refrigerating chamber
To do this, loosen the mounting bolts of the upper and lower hinge. Then, depending on what part of the cloth is loose to the refrigeration Cabinet due to misalignment of the door. If poorly fits the upper half of the door, remove from under the top hinge one overlay. Press shoulder the refrigerator door to the Cabinet, tighten the screw. When tightly abutting the bottom of the door, loosening the bolt of the lower hinge, pull it one gasket. In an effort to the bottom of the door, tighten the screw.
Hang the freezer door on the opposite side, if the inspection holes for mounting the brackets see what they trashed. There is a threaded hole in the whole, adjusted the door well adjacent to the refrigeration Cabinet. This will save you from having to repair the door. Hang the refrigerator door for ease of approach to him, and in the case of the rearrangement of the furniture. The top and bottom bolts, adjust the refrigerator door
Proceed to repair the door, if you find broken holes for mounting the brackets, and outweigh the door on the other side is impossible. Remove the door and reinforce the damaged plane steel plate using screws. Prepare the hole for the axle bracket, install the door into its place with the subsequent adjustment.
After I hung the door, check the tightness of its fit. It is a special non-magnetic feeler gauge or a narrow strip of paper. The door seal should be good to hold the probe. If it slides down under its own weight, so there is a gap. In this place, loosen the screws on the gasket, put a strip of foam or piece of cardboard. During long-term operation to prevent depressurization of the refrigerating chamber, it is necessary to replace rubber insulation. Then again check the fit of the insulation.