Technology install built-in refrigerators largely depends on its size. Based on their desires and tastes, you may prefer the fully embedded model, where the refrigerator is hiding under furniture, or the same model with an open control panel. The second option seems preferable since the panel allows you to change the parameters of operation of the unit without opening its doors.
When buying recessed refrigerator , pay attention to the quality of the compressor. To ensure the best operation of the compressor requires good access of air to the space. Typically, a headset is attached to a special grating, blending in with the color of the furniture and built-in plinth.
To consider when embedding the fridge need also the method of hanging doors. Completely hide the refrigerator in the kitchen will allow, for example, a system of double doors.
Modern refrigerators have one of two ways of fastening of the facade of the furniture to the door of the refrigerator. The first is based on the use of runners. The rail guides the movement of the door. The disadvantage of this method is the accumulation of dirt between the door of refrigerator and the facade and also not too large opening angle of the door.
The second method – hinged door and the facade are a single design with a wide possibility of opening the door.
Embedded refrigerator should match the kitchen furniture according to the size of cameras. In this matter not only the size but also the number of cameras. Successful firmware installation the refrigerator is only possible when the coincidence of the sizes of its doors, and furniture Cabinet.
On the market today there is a very wide selection of various models built-refrigerators. The price range differs depending on the brand and the technical parameters of the unit. Be prepared for the fact that the purchase of the embedded refrigerator will cost you a little more than the selection of standard refrigeration appliance.