Refer to the employees of the store where you buy the refrigerator "Atlant". Let them know that you need to move on this door. This service will be provided completely free of charge. Then you will be able to receive the warranty certificate with relevant information. This method is workable only until final checkout. Otherwise, the store employees will direct you to the service, where this service will cost some money.
Contact the repairman of refrigerators "Atlant". Tell him that you should outweigh the door. Agree on the date of execution of the work and find out the cost of the service. If you do not want to spend money, you can try yourself outweigh the door.
Clear refrigerator of all food, remove shelves and drawers. Turn the unit off and defrost. Then you can proceed with the repair work. Lay the refrigerator "Atlant" on the floor of the door up, making sure that the top mount has not moved and the radiator is not damaged.
Find in the recesses of the bolts that hold front legs of the refrigerator. Unscrew them and release the access the retainers that hold the axis of the freezer doors. Remove them to outweigh the lower axle door on the opposite side. Then, remove the door of the freezer and move the end caps to the other side.
Open the door of the refrigerating chamber to get to two screws. Unscrewing them, you will be able to remove the mask of the refrigerator. Remove the bracket from the top of the axle and Unscrew it, and then move to the other side. Move the plastic cover and install back the mask of the refrigerator.
Press the latch, which is located inside the handle of the refrigerator "Atlant", and try to push out. It is necessary to act carefully, because this part can easily be broken. Using a screwdriver, feel the device inside the latch to remove the handle cover. Swap the plugs on the side edges of the door of the refrigerator and set the knob to the opposite position.