Decide what kind of refrigerator you want to purchase. Leading firms-manufacturers of such brands as Bosch, Liebherr, Siemens, Electrolux, Ardo, Kaiser, Whirlpool, Zanussi and other produce as compact models, built-in under-counter and larger equipment, which occupies a lot of space. In any case, the refrigerator must fit comfortably within the headset and not to create inconvenience. In addition, the built-in models are more expensive than regular.
Accurately determine the size of the niche is designed for installation of cooling unit. If you make a mistake, then set it in the technique will fail, so be very careful.
Remember that the refrigeratorfor normal operation requires ventilation. If you install it under the countertop, then it must be the holes, but if you put the unit box, it should not be pushed to the wall. Leave free space.
Attach to the door of the refrigeratorand the facade is in harmony with the main tone of the headset. Usually it is attached directly to the door using double-sided tape. Unit, usually mounted with a slope back several degrees. This is to ensure that the door is necessarily closed, and the refrigerator is accidentally left open.
If you think to buy a special built-in model for you too expensive, try to incorporate into conventional headsets fridge. It will be difficult to find a suitable facade, and difficulties may arise because of inappropriate dimensions. In apartments with a small kitchen, a refrigerator placed in the hall, making a hole in the wall. The part of the unit that the result was in the room, cloaked in the box of the drywall sheets. Outside their need to hang Wallpaper to match the main room, and you get a neat niche in which to hide even a very large refrigeration unit.