Unplug the refrigerator from the electrical network. Remove all products. Remove shelves and drawers.
Tilt the fridge at an angle of 45 degrees and lock into position. This is necessary in order to gain access to the lower hinges.
Remove decorative panel. Unscrew the mounting bolts with a screwdriver and remove the bottom hinge and washer. Remove the lower door.
Open the top door of the refrigerator. Pull out the plastic insert and cover. Unscrew the bolt fixing the middle hinge using a screwdriver. Remove the hinge and washer.
Remove the upper door. Unscrew the right hinge bolt located in the lower section of the refrigerator. Locate the left hinge in a package with spare parts, included in delivery set. Install it on the left, using the previously removed mounting screw.
Remove the plastic plug covering the top left hinge.
Remove the right upper hinge by unscrewing the bolts and removing the cover and axle. Remove the left hinge from the kit parts. Tighten with the bolts removed from the right hinge. Secure the axle with seal on upper left hinge.
In order for the plastic cap that covers the mechanism back in place after rotating the door, it is necessary to remove its membrane.
Hang door refrigerator, working in reverse order. Make sure that you do not forget to install spacers between the hinge and the door.
Move the vertical handles on the other side, securing them with screws. If desired, glue a new sticker, taking them from a kit of parts.
Install the refrigerator in a vertical position. Adjust the door with the middle hinge. Install drawers and shelves. Put the products.