You will need
  • film adhesive;
  • - silicone sealant;
  • enamel or paint;
  • pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - the range.
To breathe new life into an old refrigerator in different ways. It all depends on his defects. If in the case of the refrigerator any cracks, call the master of the service center to have it looked up and said whether they stick, or the refrigerator is not repairable.
Seal small cracks with silicone sealant. Pre-defrost refrigerator, clean the wall and dry it thoroughly. Then, carefully read the instructions for the silicone sealant and brush over the area, polishing it evenly across the surface. During operation, proceed according to instructions specified in Hermetica (there should be written how much he needs to dry before you can include the unit).
It is also desirable to find out the cause of the cracks. If the blame for heavily loaded shelves, continue to try more of them not loading. Also, the wall may crack due to improper mounting and Assembly in the production. This happens even in a relatively new refrigeratorH. In this case, contact the store where you bought the refrigerator, and replace it with a higher quality.
The door itself and the outer wall of the refrigerator will cool and refresh the film adhesive or a special enamel. For example, the door of the fridge can do funny film the color of the food or its individual elements. If you do not want to radically change the appearance of the refrigerator, packlate the door and side walls white film. Quality film is sufficiently resistant to wear and easily glued to the base. For gluing the film measure the dimensions of each part of the refrigerator (door, side panel), cut a piece of tape, unplug it, separating the protective part, and stick the adhesive side to the fridge.
Also paint refrigerator in white color with automotive paint and special enamels. It is desirable to select an enamel spray, you will be able to achieve a more uniform layer than a brush. Previously the surface to be painted, needs a good wash and degrease.