You will need
  • screwdriver, tweezers, spatula, knife, glue "Moment", a band-aid.
Remove the refrigerator door, put it horizontally and carefully cut the old gasket in places where it is joined with the base of the door.
Around the perimeter of the door, remove the old seal. To do this, slightly lift the weatherstrip and gently pull out of the groove. When working, use a spatula and be careful not to damage the refrigerator door.
Separate the inner part from the door zapisyvala. This is done in order to have space for the new gasket. The depth of the socket should correspond to the thickness of the new profile. To facilitate the work of lift the angle of the inside of the door and hold it with your thumb.
Continue to cut the sealer all the way round the perimeter of the inside of the door to a depth of about 6 mm.
After finishing the operation for the removal of the seal, insert a tweezers and pull the old seal out, until you see the outer edge of an empty groove.
If you of all time done correctly, can pull the gasket over its entire length. If the seal during operation or when removing corrupted, repeat the entire procedure starting from the other end of the door.
Finally removing the used seal and freeing the necessary space above the groove, lock in its place a new seal with a solid spike. If this operation causes you difficulty, additionally remove the remains of zapisyvala out of the gap between the outer and inner parts of the door.
If the refrigerator is not new, and it fails to find a matching gasket, try to adjust the size of the one you have. The main thing that he was little more than the required size. Cut out the gasket in one piece with vertical and horizontal parts and mate the parts to each other. Joints promazhte glue "Moment" glue or plaster.