If the refrigeratore and then the water appears, then, most likely, it disrupted the process of supplying the reservoir with moisture. To eliminate such a malfunction, it is sufficient to unclog the drain hole or the drain channel.
If the refrigerator eventually became too much frozen food, this may indicate problems with the thermostat. To fix this issue, you can simply: turn the thermostat dial counterclockwise. Not helped? Then check may be you have enabled the fast freezing button. This button after pressing hitting, whereby the refrigerator can work better than the freezer. That's great, but not in all cases.
Another problem, reverse the previous one: the refrigerator freezes very poorly. This problem you can solve in four ways. The first and most undesirable for you, the lack of freezing is a decrease in the efficiency of the compressor. Then, without calling a specialist refrigeratoram, unfortunately, will not do.
The second thing that can happen to your thermostat, it is the fault of himself. In this case, you have the opportunity to give this part to the adjustment or just replace the thermostat.
After checking the thermostat and making sure it works as you expect, check the door refrigerator. It could be changed. Carry out adjustment of the door by changing the tension of two diagonal rods located under the panel door of your unit.
If the door hangs evenly, check its seal – he could lose shape and/or elasticity, and also to break in some places. Examine every inch of the seal and replace it with a new one in case of damage.