Which may require the transfer of the doorway? Some apartment layout can hardly be called successful. The location of the door may interfere with furniture arrangement. Sometimes the placement of the opening is complicated by the passage of people and the movement of large objects.

Planning permission

A considerable number of people believes that their apartment they can rebuild anything. In fact, any actions that result in changes to the original plan of the apartment that are considered redevelopment. This applies to the transfer of doorways.

If you want to move the door to another place, better to formalize this process under the law. If this is not done, difficulties may arise. This usually occurs when performing registration actions with the real estate. Illegal alterations you will be obliged to issue the rules. If you refuse, you may be forced to address the changes, returning the apartment to the original state. Better to do everything at once right.

First you need to draw up a redevelopment project. It is better to use the services of construction or engineering organizations. With a project you need to contact BTI for obtaining a permit and registration modifications.

The transfer of the doorway

The easiest option is the transfer of the doorway located in the interior walls. These walls are not load-bearing and can be removed without compromising the integrity of the building. Therefore, the device of an aperture in them does not require complex calculations.

The material used to make the walls between rooms can be very diverse. It is a brick, different types of gypsum blocks, concrete. Ways to rip a door many, but they boil down to two key — hole can be embossed or cut out.

First you need to make a layout, drawing the contours of the future opening. Don't forget that you need to consider the size of not only the door leaf but also the box. Add to that a few inches of the stock. This will facilitate the process of installation of the door. The perforation opening is produced grinder with a diamond wheel. The main mistake — to cut hole in one step. Divide this area into small chunks and cut them one by one.

Another option is the knockout opening. You can use the hammer, a powerful hammer or a jackhammer. In any case, start with a perforation track of through holes along the perimeter of future door — this will help to break down the wall in the specified bounds. The distance between the holes should be minimal, no more than five centimeters.

If the wall material is not strong enough, the doorway is required to strengthen the lintel. Otherwise he may collapse. As a jumper you can use a thick wooden beam, heavy duty metal area or channel. It is advisable to punch a hole for the jumpers, pin it, and only after that to undertake the work. This will keep you from destroying the wall in the process.

If the opening is constructed in the retaining wall, is required to calculate the loads and to perform the necessary work to restore its bearing capacity. Requires the installation of concrete or welded metal jumper. Such work, from design to execution, it is better to entrust to specialists.

Old slot must be immured. It is possible to lay bricks or concrete blocks. Quite often in the wrong hole mount frame and sew it with plasterboard. Inside the frame you can lay mineral wool, which will serve as a sound insulator.