Open Windows Explorer, if to know the network name of any folder in your computer that is used as a shared resource on the local network. To do this simply by pressing shortcut keys Win + R or double click icon "My computer" on your desktop. Navigate to the desired folder and click on its icon with the right mouse button will drop a context menu, where you need the bottom row ("Properties").
Open the tab "Access" and in the upper section ("Shared access to network files and folders") view entry in the row is placed below the heading "Network path:" - in there is the address of this folder in the local network. It begins with a network name of your computer and completes the network name for this share (folder). That is, the network name of this directory is everything in this line is to the right of the last slash.
In earlier versions of Windows (e.g. Windows XP) in the tab "Access" placed in a field "share Name", which placed the network name - here you can not only learn, but also to edit. In Windows 7 to do this, click "Advanced setup".
If you need to know the network name of the folder, printer, CD/DVD drive or any other shared resource on another computer in your local network, then browsing to it in Explorer, no need to open the properties window. The name that you will see will be the network name of all the users accessing through the network, see the network names of resources.
If you need to check the network name (SSID - Service Set IDentifier) of the access point Wi-Fi, any computer equipped with Wi-Fi adapter, and displays it in the list of available networks. Open this list by clicking on the network connection icon in the notification area of the taskbar.
If you want to know or change the assigned network name in the settings of the Wi-Fi device (router or modem), the specific method depends on the model. For example, for a router D-Link DIR-320 first load in the browser control panel (at - and log in. Then select in the left column of the line Wireless Setup and then click Manual Setup. Network name look in the section Wireless Network Settings, the box that says Wireless Network Name (Also called the SSID).