What is the MAC address

The MAC address is written in hexadecimal alphanumeric code that is assigned to any unit of network equipment manufacturer. Since each MAC address is unique, it can be used to identify the computer on the network. This code is stored in the ROM chip that is built into a network device.

The address ranges are distributed between producers international Association IEEE (Institute of electrical engineers and electronics). According to the first three bytes of the MAC-address you can find out the manufacturer, the remaining digits define personal serial number assigned to this network device.
Length of the MAC address is 48 bits, which allows you to use 2 in a 48-degree combinations of numbers and letters. This guarantees a unique code for each device.

How to find MAC address

Usually the MAC address is printed on the label on the network device, but it can be recognized and standard tools of the operating system. On computers running any version of Windows hit Win+R keys and type cmd in the Open box. In the command window type ipconfig /all. Displays a list of all the network devices installed on the computer with a description of each of them. In the "Description" contains the name of the equipment in the line "Physical address" is its MAC address. For example, if you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, under Ethernet adapter will see the MAC address of the network card, and under "wireless LAN Adapter" - the MAC address of the Wi-Fi adapter.

How to change MAC address

Sometimes you need to change the MAC address, for example, in the case that is tied to the service provider, and you changed the notebook or the network card. Using the keys Win+R to call the dialog box "Open" and enter ncpa.cpl. A window will open "Network connections". Right-click on the icon of the desired connection and select "Properties". Next to the name of the network device click "Configure" and go to the tab "Advanced". In the left list, find the setting "Network address" and enter the desired MAC address value to a string Value on the right. Press OK to confirm.
Do not forget to check with ipconfig /all whether the changed MAC address.

You can open the network connections window via the taskbar. If you have Windows XP, double-click the icon "Network connections", if Windows 7, in control panel open the "Network and Internet" and click "network and sharing Center". In the new tab click on "Change adapter settings" in the Status window, click Properties. In the new window click "Configure" and proceed as described above.