Click on the computer icon located on the right side of the taskbar in system tray. Start "control Center network and sharing". Go to the "change of parameters of adapters". If your computer is a server, in the opened window must be at least two network connections. One of them is responsible for access to the Internet, and the other for distributing it over the local network.
Click connect to the Internet and click the right mouse button. Click "Status" and click "Details" in the opened window. A global IPaddress, i.e. the one you define in the Internet, will be listed next to the line "IPv4 Address". Local IPaddress, i.e. one under which the computer acts as the server, specified in the line "DNS servers IPv4".
Find out domain name servers, a network address which you want to define. For example, if you are interested in information about the Yandex server, the domain name will be or
Go to main menu "start" by pressing the button with a picture window or Windows button in the taskbar. Click "Run" or open it by pressing key combination win+r and type in the text cmd to open the command prompt console. Press the enter button.
Specify the command line utility name you want to use to determine the IPaddressand servers. For example, you can use the command trace-route to the desired server, tracert, or a command rate of passage of packets between the server and your computer – ping.
Enter the selected command, and after a space indicate the name of the domain name servers. Press Enter. It is worth noting that in the command prompt, you cannot make corrections, so if you make a mistake entering text, just press Enter and try again. Wait for command execution and analyze the result. Among the obtained data in brackets will indicate the IPaddress of the server.