Open the "start menu", look at what is written next to the pictogram user, this will be the name. However, this is true only for earlier versions of Windows up to XP, inclusive. For Vista and Seven require the cursor is on the icon user.
To go on behalf of another user in Windows, go to the menu "start" action to "Change user". It is usually placed near the reset button and turn the system off.
Open the accounts settings in the control panel of your computer, if you want to create a new user in Windows. Select create a new account, name it accordingly to your preferences, configure the desired attributes, select the type of user – guest or administrator. The last one has more wide opportunities of use of functionality of the operating system.
If necessary, specify the password for the account, also don't forget about the tip. In the future, to change the current user's Windows operating system, use the menu "start".
If you want to configure the settings of the users log on to the system, including quick switch in desktop mode, open the preferences in user accounts in control panel and in the menu on the right, select change settings of users log on to the system. Select in the new window, tick the desired settings, save the changes.
Configure the operation of certain installed applications and established network connections to the different users of the system by opening the appropriate settings. It is not available for all programs. To change the attributes of the connection, just click on its shortcut twice, and then check or uncheck the option of using connections all usermi system and click "OK".