Note that the id of your personal computer, it's not his name on the production network. This is actually the physical address of the network adapter that you connect to the Internet. To find out the id of your computer, do the following.
Enter the menu "start" then go to "control Panel". You will see a window with icons. Among them find the one that shows the monitor with the check mark on the screen. This icon must be named "System". Double click on this icon with the left mouse button. You will see a window containing information about the properties that you have installed on your personal computer system. There's a quicker way to open this window. Press the key combination Win+Pause/Break.
Open the tab "Equipment". Then click "device Manager". You will see a window containing the full list of devices (both software and physical) installed in your personal computer. To determine the id of the computer fully, expand "Network adapters". Click with the left mouse button on the icon with the " + " sign located to the left of the subkey name.
Locate the network card and click the right mouse button. In the appeared menu select "Properties". You will see a window. It click with the left mouse button on the "Advanced" tab. Next, select "Network address". It should be a little lower. If the address in the place of the missing to know the computer id, do the following.
Press the key combination Win+R. you will see a dialog box. In this write cmd, then press Enter. In the command prompt, type ipconfig/all, then press Enter. You will see a window with a list. In this way your network card. Its id will appear in the line "Physical address".