You will need
  • - skills of work with the console.
Open a command prompt in your computer to obtain an IP address you are interested in computer in the local network. In the menu "start" find a tool "Run" (Windows XP, Vista and Seven just use the search bar).
Write cmd and press Enter, you should see a big black window in which you need to enter the ping command with a space to write down the exact name of the computer. The task may be complicated if the user you are interested in computer uses a firewall, it is worth to try several times to repeat the procedure.
Pay attention to special programs that automatiseret obtain an IP address on the name of the computer. Be extremely careful in using them because many of them, with your permission of use of the Internet, can harm the operating system and user files of the computer.
In the case of using IP addresses to determine the name of the computer please note that this action may also be complicated by established fierville, and if knowing the name of the computer, the address to simply, sending several times ping, here everything is much more complicated.
Once you find out information about the IP address of the computer, navigate to the identity of its owner, if necessary. Take advantage of our special servers for information about the user at his computer in the network, for example,, or Enter in the appropriate form known to you IP address, then select the appropriate request type. Press the Enter key. Next, find out the name of the owner by contacting his provider.