On the desktop locate the shortcut to "My computer" in order to know what is the name of the computer in the Windows Xp operating system. Next, right-click on the shortcut and select properties from the menu that appears.
Can use the control panel, if the shortcut "My computer" is not on your desktop. To do this, open the "start menu" and find "My computer". In the same way as you would with a label, right-click your mouse on the item, then select "Properties" from the context menu.
The name of the computer you can also view the properties of any file or shortcut on the desktop. To do this, click the right mouse button. Next, select "Properties". Then go to the tab called "Details" and look at the bottom line. It contains the required information.
There is another way of the output window with system properties. He's not the fastest, but in mind it is not necessary to lose. As in the previous step, open the "start menu", then select "control Panel". When you click on this item, you will see a window with a large number of icons from which to select the one with the computer image. He signed the "System". Click on it.
Next, a window will open which will contain information about the operating system installed on your PC. Select the tab "computer Name". You will receive an information window that will report the computer name, and workgroup in which at the moment is the PC. In the opened tab you will see a line called "Full name." Opposite her will and spelled out the real name of your PC.