Bronchitis in dogs: causes

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Primary bronchitis in dogs may occur because of a cold as a result of long walks in the bitter cold and wind, hypothermia of the animal in the process of bathing in the water, a prolonged stay under the rain, lying on damp and cold ground.

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Also the development of the disease contributes to the inhalation of gases, dust, smoke, hot and cold air, the deficit in the feed dogs of vitamins C and A. the dog can catch a cold even at home, if the room has a draft.

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Secondary bronchitis in dogs may occur due to infectious diseases (plague, adenovirus) and non-contagious: laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, hypovitaminosis A, etc.

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And acute and chronic bronchitis in dogs can occur for the same reasons. Chronic disease acquired as a result of inefficient or incorrect treatment of acute.

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Bronchitis in dogs: symptoms

The symptoms of bronchitis in dogs include:
- increase in body temperature;
- lethargy;
- shiver;
- increased heart rate;
- shortness of breath;
- a weak appetite.

Bronchitis animals more lie, their breathing difficult. Early in the disease in dogs, there is a dry cough, then wet and quite painful. In some parts bugged the lungs breathing hard, and then it is observed around the pulmonary field. In dogs, the patients with bronchitis, sometimes mucous, thick discharge from nose which then goes into a Muco-purulent.

First aid for bronchitis

If you suspect your dog bronchitis,you need to go to the vet. It is advisable to call it home. Before the arrival of the doctor and all the time of treatment the animal is necessary to ensure peace.

To feed sick with bronchitis the dog should only rich in vitamins digestible food, also need to give her a warm drink plenty of liquids. For first aid and the treatment recommended warm (but not tight) wrap the chest and throat of the animal.

Bronchitis in dogs: diagnosis

To define the schema of treatment of bronchitis in dogs need vet diagnosed based on clinical picture of the disease and analyses. Is differential diagnosis.

It is important that the doctor to ascertain whether the disease is a complication of some other disease. It is necessary to exclude infectious diseases (adenovirus, plague) and invasive (coccids).

Bronchitis in dogs: treatment

It is important to remember that in any case can not self-medicate, which is able not only to help, but even harm the animal. Appeal to doctor-veterinarian in case of suspected bronchitis, a mandatory measure.

Bronchitis in dogs used treat symptomatically - appointed protivotankovaya remedies, herbal medicines such as licorice, marshmallow, mother and stepmother. Good results are iodine that should be treated jivotnoe for 2 weeks.

To prevent co-infections and elimination of inflammatory processes in the dog antibiotic treatment that is desirable to select from veterinary drugs of new generation. If the cause is allergies, are appointed by antihistamines, cortico-steroids, astmatol etc.

Time walking the dog during illness, it is desirable to minimize or even not to release the animal into the street. Sick dogs need to be placed in a warm and dry place with no drafts. Food during treatment should be easily digestible and very nourishing. It is preferable to give in powdered form.

Bronchitis dog shown gruel, light soups, purees, broth with chopped boiled meat, warm milk and other lactic acid products at room temperature. If possible, the animal is assigned and physiotherapy. Will be effective and the use of immune-modulating means, multivitamin preparations and vitamins.

Bronchitis in dogs: prevention

Bronchitis for dogs is quite severe disease. Therefore, it is best to prevent the development of this disease. For the prevention of bronchitis the animal is important obschegigienicheskih complex events. To prevent the development of bronchitis, the recommended hardening of the dog.

In addition, pet is necessary to ensure good nutrition, content in a warm, dry and comfortable, draught-free place, as well as reasonable physical exercise. To improve efficiency, bronchi and lungs a very good, long walks (but not in the cold and the wet), Jogging at a slow pace, swimming.