Before how to cure fungus from dogs, delete all old litter, disinfect everything, including toys. Limit contact with other family members, especially children. Long haired dogsdo need to be cut as short as possible.
как вылечить собаку от ушного клеща
Use of systemic therapy with the simultaneous use of therapeutic showers with shampoos and skin treatment medications. If there are no other assignments, purchase over the counter vaccine: "Wandern F", "Poliwag" or "Microderm". The latter, though more expensive, yet highly effective – it is necessary to inject twice with an interval of 10-14 days. Even if you will use it for prevention, a shot will need to be done twice. "Wandern F" will need to prick three times. Please note that certain breeds of dogs (Rottweilers, French bulldogs, Scottish Terriers and dachshunds) are sensitive to the "Polivka", it can cause an abscess at the injection site, which is an allergic reaction. To prevent painful swelling, may be administered simultaneously with a vaccine and diphenhydramine.
налет на ушных раковинах
Animals with lowered immunity, weakened transferred disease or just old, and treat with antifungal antibiotics. One of the most effective and inexpensive is "Griseofulvin". It is quite toxic, so dogse it is necessary to give together with vegetable oil 1-2 times a day 15-25-60 mg per 1 kg of body weight. "Nizoral" let's take 10 g per 1 kg of body weight and in acidic solution. "Itraconazole" - an effective but expensive drug, it is given at 10-20 g every day or every other day. All antibiotics can disrupt the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, but the treatment in any case, it is necessary to continue for another couple of weeks after the disappearance of symptoms and negative results of the crops.
как вылечить дерматит у собак малых пород
Treat local lesions preparations based on fungicides, it is better to use the solutions and not the creams that get dirty. Do not overdo the spots treatment of alcohol-containing solutions, it is sufficient to wipe the skin 1 time a day, so as not to burn it. For washing of dogsand use antifungal shampoos ("Nizoral", "Doctor"), it should wash no more than twice a week. To strengthen the effect of use of metered-dose ultraviolet irradiation.
лечить бронхит у собак