Frustrating when a pet is sick, especially a dog. It happens that owners of a dog meets a cheerful barking. Discouraged, fullness toilet tray and the untouched food is literally screaming that the dog does not feel well. Vomiting and diarrhea in dogs – frequent problems dog owners.

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What to do when a dog vomiting

щенок паносит

If the dog is repeatedly pulled out, the landlord must try to stop the vomiting yourself. You can give the animal activated charcoal and enter antispasmodic drug that stopped the urge to vomit. Reglan and Pepto help stop vomiting, provided that they are administered intramuscularly.

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Vomiting may occur for different reasons. Sometimes worry you should not, but often the situation requires medical intervention. If the dog is too quickly finished his lunch or ate a lot of feed, it is likely to tear. To be frightened in this case is not worth it. Most likely, the dog to vomit no more.

If there was ingestion of household chemicals, poisons, rubbish or spoiled food, we should think about the poisoning. Ideally, call your veterinarian to Pets made a gastric lavage. Only a doctor will be able with great certainty to say that the dog's stomach is freed from poisons. Before the arrival of the doctor the dog can only give water, food offer is not necessary.

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Sometimes vomiting suggests that the dog is sick. It can be like cancer and diabetes. Probably the animal had problems with the kidneys or the body infected. Such a situation requires immediate consultation with a veterinarian. The doctor will provide emergency medical assistance, and if need treatment, it will be assigned. Their own to cope with the problem will not work.

What to do when dog has diarrhea

Diarrhea provoke a variety of reasons. The task of the host to determine their co-signs and remedy. Remember that a dog suffering from diarrhea for more than three days, you need to rush to the vet!

When the diarrhea occur discharge from the nose and mouth, the owner should seek qualified help. The clinical picture resembles a plague from which the animal is likely to die. Don't delay, take the dog to the clinic.

Diarrhea in combination with feed refusal and vomiting says about the poor food, the presence of worms. Check what you feed your dog, if necessary, replace food. Tests for worms can be passed in any veterinary clinic.

Diarrhea with General lethargy is a result of the poisoning. It usually ends within a couple days. If on the third day the health of the dog has not improved, it is possible to speak about the presence of infectious disease.

High fever with diarrhea to ignore at all. This is a symptom of a viral illness, which requires immediate intervention of a veterinarian.