Antibiotics are very strong drugs of directed action, which can not in any case accept without supervision of a medical professional and the more engaged with their help self-medicate. This rule applies to both human and animal. Anti-bacterial and anti-virus tools can bring recovery, but may cause irreparable harm and even lead to death in case of wrong selection or assignment of an incorrect dosage. The fact that certain types of viruses and bacteria are able to resist one of the types of drugs and die from others. Cats treatment only after examination by veterinarian and determine the type and origin of inflammatory disease.

In what diseases cats antibiotics

Drugs from the group of antibiotics administered to animals, including cats, in certain diseases.

Indications for carrying out this type of treatment are the various septic and inflammatory processes resulting from trauma, e.g., bruises, lacerations of the skin and muscle tissue, postoperative sutures or bites other animals.

The infestations and problems with the gastrointestinal tract also require treatment with antibiotics.

Postnatal injuries to the uterus and reproductive organs are often accompanied by infectious and inflammatory processes that require antibacterial treatment.

Purulent and inflammatory processes in the mucous membranes of the eyes or oral cavity, diseases of the ears and teeth, respiratory and colds in cats are also treated with antibiotics.

What antibiotics are prescribed to cats

Antibiotics to treat cats released in different form - in the form of tablets, powders, suspensions, syrups or solution for injection, but always marked "for veterinary use". The choice of drug depends on the type of disease, severity of its course, the weight of the animal and even his breed.

For the treatment of various forms of lung diseases, colds or viral infections, veterinarians typically prescribe these antibiotics as "Gentamicin", "Amoxicillin", "Amoxiclav".

In inflammatory processes in the urogenital system, the gastrointestinal tract using Enrofloxacin" or "Clavulanate".

Infection by various species of parasites, infection of the muscle tissue and skin require a course of treatment with the help of "Terramycin" or "Azithromycin".

To list all of the antibiotics that used to treat cats, like all disease, is almost impossible. Make the right choice of drug and its dosage can only be a qualified vet. It is very important to remember this and not even try to treat an animal without consulting a veterinarian.