Give the dog half of a pill up Pentalgin based on twenty or thirty pounds weight of the animal. Cutting off the pills the required amount, feed him a treat. You can also dissolve the tablet in a little water and pour over the dog's mouth using a syringe without a needle.
последствия плечевого вывиха у собак
The strength of analgesic effect of the drug Ketanov comparable to morphine. Stabbing should intramuscularly at the rate of one ampoule to forty or fifty pounds. Analgesic effect appears after half an hour-hours, the maximum effect is achieved within one and a half to two hours. Owners who plan to enter the dog Ketanov, you should know that it has side effects on the stomach, so take it only in extreme cases.
лечение суставов у собак
As a pain reliever for dogs fit and baralgin. Animal weighing forty pounds, you should work hard three dice.
как вылечить рану на лапе у собаки
Travmatin – veterinary medicine, which, in addition to pain relief, has anti-inflammatory effect. Dogs large and medium breeds should be administered two to four milliliters, small dogs and puppies from one-half to two milliliters of medication. Injections are made subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
принимать таблетки собакам
Use armadilos. One tablet contains 20 milligrams, and has 5 pounds weight.
что дать щенку от глистов
If your animal requires local anesthesia, treat the affected area with lidocaine spray.
If the range of your kit is not rich, but working pharmacies in the vicinity, for pain relief dogs in a pinch and fit!.