If you are owner of purebred animal and plan breeding, think about the reproduction of the cat family. Note that the early (up to years) knit is highly undesirable for cats. The animal may not be able to cope with childbirth, the body is not ready yet. Therefore, one or two estrus have to miss out. There are some breeds maturing later, while others are active still in their Teens. The exact age that is appropriate for the first birth, you can ask the breeder or vet.

чтобы кошка не гуляла с котами препараты

After mating the cat calms down, and the rest period may continue during feeding kittens. To give birth once a year the cat is not shown. However, the breeders say that cats have kittens regularly during periods of "downtime" are safer than animals, which do not happen with a cat.

если кот кашляет и чехает какое лекарство нужно дать

Forced abstinence is bad for cats and can cause a cancer. The same result can also be caused by use of hormonal drugs. They can be applied only in exceptional cases – for example, when the heat of a cat have at a trade show or move. To choose the right medicine will help the vet and use it once a year is not recommended. There are drugs that can delay the heat for six months or more, but their effects on the body of cats is not fully understood.

кот линяет что делать

To offer pet Valerian, bromine, sedatives fees in most cases useless. The cat will calm down for a couple of hours, but then its activity will resume. Moreover, it can respond to the uncontrolled consumption of drugs vomiting or diarrhea.

кошке не родит что делать

The only effective and reasonable way to solve the problem of "calling" cat - sterilization. Breeding animals tested it after 6-7 years, when childbirth becomes dangerous for their health. Owners of non-pedigree animals it is better to sterilize their Pets before. Otherwise the cat will be active every two to four weeks, regardless of the time of year. Sterilization is safe for animals and completely solves behavioral problems. Do not assume that you are depriving the cat of "love" - having decided on sterilization you just removed from the life of the female is constant and very painful irritant.

рожают кошки

Before surgery be sure to consult your veterinarian. By the time the sterilization of the animal needs to gain enough weight at least two pounds. It is advisable not to carry out the operation in heat after she must go two or three days. To sterilize a cat at any age, starting from 8 months.