Determine whether your cat is coughing. The mechanism of this action of the cat is somewhat different than in humans. Cat makes when coughing wheezing, open mouth and sometimes his tongue. It may seem that the cat is suffocating, but most likely this will be a cough.
если щенок съелчто то и кашляет что делать
Check the jaws of cats on the presence of foreign bodies and hairballs. This may be one of the causes of cough. To open the animal's mouth, enter the fingers into the mouth from the corners of the mouth where the cat has no teeth, and gently open your jaw. Be careful since the animal can strongly to bite you.
в телефоне мигает конвертик а сообщений нет
If you haven't found anything in the jaws of a cat, think, could the cough be caused by an allergic reaction. It could cause a new substance appeared in the house. Note that in cats, allergies can occur not only when eating anything, but even by inhalation of specific odour. If you suspect that any item will remove it from your home. so you will be able to understand whether they have cat allergies.
как вылечить сабаку от кашля?
Also, use different methods of humidifying the air in the house to increase the comfort of breathing for the cat. This can be used, for example,a damp towel, put in a working battery and evaporating the water.
лишай у кота чем лечить
Spend the prevention of parasitic diseases in cats. One of the causes of cough can become worms. This procedure can be done at home, without the recommendations of a veterinarian. For this veterinary pharmacy special medications that can be added to the cat food. This procedure will not harm almost any cat once a year.
чем лечить лишай у котят
In case the taken measures do not help and the cat is still coughing, contact your veterinarian. describe to him all further emerged symptoms and changes in behavior. You should inform your doctor if the animal's been eating less to avoid people and other cats. In this case, the doctor will be able to deliver more accurate diagnosis.