Advice 1: Could a large consumption of sweets can cause coughing

Excessive consumption of sweets rarely considered as causes of cough. However, a closer study of the problem, this assumption does not seem so incredible.
Could a large consumption of sweets can cause coughing

Cough candy?

Cough after consuming ice cream or other cold desserts is usually not surprising – serving Popsicle, especially eaten on a hot day can lead to pharyngitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx). Sore throat, pain when swallowing and dry cough are common symptoms of this pathological condition.

However, cough may occur and in that case, if you haven't touched ice cream, but ate at one time a lot of sweets or cream cakes, especially if taking a large dose of confectionery products was not accompanied by drinking enough fluids. The fact that sweets can irritate the mucosa of the pharynx – this is a nasty dry cough, which occurs if you drink a lot of warm savory liquid. Especially observed such a phenomenon in the use of sweets containing acid, for example, candies and jellies additives citric acid.

Another, more serious cause of the cough after eating sweets – gastro-oesophageal reflux esophageal. In this case, the contents of the stomach coming back up into the esophagus, causing bouts of compulsive cough. A lot of sweets can cause a worsening of the disease, manifested by increased cough, heartburn, acid regurgitation.


Often the cough that occurs when excessive consumption of sweets, think the allergic. Truth this statement is. Although food Allergy is most often manifested by skin rash, rhinitis, dry or wet cough, watery eyes can begin after eating allergen-containing products. Most often it is chocolate, sweets or pastries with nuts, honey or artificial dyes and flavors in the composition. Allergies can cause harmless and dried fruits, if unscrupulous manufacturers to better safety, treat them harmful to human body substances.

Allergic cough starts due to the swelling of the mucous membrane and irritation in the receptors. In the throes of barking cough may indicate increasing laryngeal edema and requires immediate treatment to the doctor and take antihistamines without medical aid the patient can suffocate.

While moderate drinking is "dangerous" product may not lead to unpleasant symptoms, but a large amount of allergen, at the same time trapped in the body that can cause signs of an allergic reaction.

Advice 2: What cough lozenges better

Cough lozenges are very popular, because it is delicious and easy-to-use medicine. But among the whole range of medical difficult to choose candy that was tasty and effective. So when you buy the cough drops you need to know some nuances.
What cough lozenges better

In some cases, help cough lozenges

Lollipops are perfectly cope with the coughing, but this does not mean that they are able to heal it. It is important to understand that these are pleasant to the taste of candy are only an auxiliary tool in the fight against cough.

This tool is designed to to relieve coughing, and have a slight healing effect. If the cough prevents you from sleeping or you are in transport or at the meeting where I can give vent to his cough, in these cases, the candy is your salvation. When resorption drops increases salivation and decreases sore throat, so the cough is receding.

What should be in the treatment and lollipops

The most common cough drops are "Travisil", "Strepsils", "Doctor", "Doctor", "Stopangin". They soothe coughs, relieve sore throat, but still, buying this cough drop, take a look at its composition. If you want to get well soon, choose lozenges with zinc, known for its antiseptic effect. But the zinc has a pleasant taste, so these lollipops need to take some taste, for example lemon, which promotes active salivation.

Therapeutic effect have candy, which is licorice, Horehound, mint, eucalyptus, anise. Those who could not get rid of a cough, suitable lollipops with sage, which promote the excretion of sputum. There are also licorice lozenges, which perfectly soften the throat and relieve irritation, while they are cheap. Be careful with menthol lozenges. Sometimes it is too much, and after resorption there is a feeling that the respiratory icebound.

If you have time or a cough medicine for children, the medical lozenges can be made at home. There are various recipes, and you can choose the best, focusing on individual taste preferences.

Not be used cough lozenges

In cough lozenges contains a lot of sugar, so they are contraindicated for people with diabetes. People who are prone to allergies, before use, candy must find out whether in their composition of allergenic substances. Pregnant women also must be careful to use this tool, because it may contain substances that have a negative impact on the development of the fetus, so before applying you need to consult with your doctor.

In other cases, it is necessary to observe the dosage recommended on the package. We should not forget that cough lozenges – it's still medicine, not candy. If used in large quantities, very soon be addictive, and their effect will not be any.
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